FACEBOOK BOMBSHELL – How DID EVERYONE miss this! #facebook #f8

At 24.17 minutes into the presentation. I let out a

“You’ve GOT to be F#$#$#$#$ kidding me”

So I rewound it.

No – they’re not kidding.

My little marketers heart leapt with joy.

First, A question.

“When was the last time you updated your Facebook Profile”

NO NO NO NO – not status updates, or photos or Farmville.

Your ACTUAL profile – you know your favourite movies, books, likes, hobbies etc

Yes – you’ve done this – you’ve probably forgotten about it, I mean with all those fields to tend in Farmville.

You see, most people did this when they joined up and have not updated it since.

I know I haven’t in ages – (I haven’t added in Justin Beiber for example in my favourite artists section… KIDDING!)

Next question (sorry I’m making you work hard but trust me – it’s worth it)

“How does Facebook make their cash?

Hint, it’s exactly the same way that google does…

Pay per click advertising.

But it’s VERY different pay per click advertising.

It’s not based on a phrase that you type ala Google

Facebook PPC based on your demographics, your likes, your favourite movie…

You know – the data you’ve not updated SINCE YOU JOINED!!!!!!

(Are you smelling the coffee…..)

So today, Facebook announce, with the addition of a single line of code, you can “like” a news story, a movie on imdb, a music track on pandora…

IN AN ACT OF SHEER PSYCHOLOGICAL BRILLIANCE – the little line of code puts up a little picture of YOUR friends who’ve also “liked” that thing on the web. Robert Cialdini (author of Influence, the definitive guide to decision making triggers) must have weeped with joy at the social engineering (Note – I love this, I’m not sure others will…)

Facebook point out – liking something up untill today or tweeting or foursquaring was a temporary blip, if your friends happened to log in the last three hours they MIGHT have seen it. Let’s face it, if you tweeted it’s a crapshoot on a numbers basis if your friends actually see anything.

(Stay with me – this story has a FREIGHT train ending)

So when you click the new “Like” Facebook button, being very helpful and all, Facebook will update your permanent profile with your new like.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY UPDATE YOUR PROFILE (your news feed to – but forget that -as of today it’s irrelevant) – the PROFILE of your LIKES!

To Quote myself…

“You know – the data you’ve not updated SINCE YOU JOINED!!!!!!”

The same data facebook and people like me use to TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRESH UP-TO-DATE DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a smart marketers wet dream. Seriously it’s the marketing equivalent of Hedi Klum walking into my study right now and saying (In that awesome German tingend English) “you know vhat tubby balding short guys are… now…in – let’s get bos….”

If Facebook implement as described, marketers will have completely up-to-date data to craft their advertisements.

I’m a marketer and proud of it. This is brilliant, I want to give you a directly targeted marketing experience. With fresh demographic data based on likes -I can do that. SWEEEET.

(SIDE NOTE – This also drops Facebook in the middle of the local advertising game – you YELP, you update your facebook PROFILE automatically, I can then create an Ad based on the fact that you “liked” KFC  -someone pinch me, I’m still in the dream with Hedi)

People are going to freak out about this and it’s a shame – Facebook does not expose YOUR data specifically – only people who you’ve given permission to as a friend will actually see your profile and I can see this being fantastic way of really keeping in touch – how many of my friends liked “Hurt Locker” for example – that’s the next step of Facebooks evolution, it makes sense. The lads at Facebook GET this.

BUT if “likes” gets significant take up – they may just rival google and perhaps be even more influential. Google knows about phrases, Facebook knows about you…


Really appreciate you retweeting this if you found it thought-provoking…


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  1. ischafer

    You're definitely onto something here, and I shared some thoughts on it as well: http://dfoc.us/bKlykk

    • Ian – Excellent Article!

      • mikehays

        Ed, you have hit a home run on this one. I'm already planning on adding this to my marketing strategy. In fact can you imagine how powerful this is to market to off line businesses? Holy crap the possibilities are endless.

  2. MikeCarlson

    Ohh the possibilities! What more is there to say. I saw posts all over the place, with everyone freaking out about their privacy. In the midst of the mess, i thought “hold on a sec here..” Opportunity knocks!

  3. stevecockrane

    You're spot on Ed this will be freakin' awesome, as you say though it may well upset some of the privacy advocates who had such a violent reaction to FB's Beacon project a while back. But personally I don't see it as a big deal as you say the data will be aggregated not individualised

  4. MaggeeB

    I already knew I pay more attention to the ads on the side of FB than Google but this makes a world of difference! Me thinks my advertising dollar will go farther and to much more targeted people? Hmmm…
    Thanks for pointing it out Ed!

  5. MaggeeB

    I already knew I pay more attention to the ads on the side of FB than Google but this makes a world of difference! Me thinks my advertising dollar will go farther and to much more targeted people? Hmmm…
    Thanks for pointing it out Ed!

  6. MaggeeB

    I already knew I pay more attention to the ads on the side of FB than Google but this makes a world of difference! Me thinks my advertising dollar will go farther and to much more targeted people? Hmmm…
    Thanks for pointing it out Ed!

  7. MaggeeB

    I already knew I pay more attention to the ads on the side of FB than Google but this makes a world of difference! Me thinks my advertising dollar will go farther and to much more targeted people? Hmmm…
    Thanks for pointing it out Ed!

  8. MaggeeB

    I already knew I pay more attention to the ads on the side of FB than Google but this makes a world of difference! Me thinks my advertising dollar will go farther and to much more targeted people? Hmmm…
    Thanks for pointing it out Ed!

  9. mktrs

    Great Ed, and they are going to try and control the whole internet too – by encouraging people to surf VIA their facebook page. Which google kind of does already.
    BUT you are raving abut how we should all update all the time, however surely this is not relevant to YOUR marketing unless you want to be marketed TO ?? It just helps them place targeted ads more demographically, but you won't get access to this data personally. Can you explain why you are so excited? Surely everyone will have the same “advantage” ?

    • Preneur_PeteWIlliams

      Ed's not saying you SHOULD update your details all the time… Facebook is now going to be doing that automatically FOR you.

      So, when I am doing PPC in Facebook that demographic data of the people I choose to target, is going to be a lot more accurate, update and targeted.

  10. lukemoulton

    Great pickup Ed. I know a couple of IM'ers who'll be drooling over this one.

    • Preneur_PeteWIlliams

      That'll be me mate ;)

  11. ClodaghH

    This is HUGE ! ! ! I knew the change from Fan to Like on the pages was part of something – whoo hoo !

  12. andreapetoskey

    Ed –

    Great post! I did hear something was going on at Facebook, but didn't get the entire scoop!

    I will be “retweeting” this, as well.

    Thanks for all the value!

    ~Andie Petoskey
    Teacher of Transformation

  13. maraegan

    It must be my lucky day. I've just used Dapper as per Dan's recommendation on my new survey web site and now this with face book…its amazing. I'v been following the 30DC which has been fantastic and as a result am in the process of preparing my first ever ebook. So I would lv yr female followers to complete my survey on, http://www.how-to-look-younger.com Thanks Ed

    • DianiaLee

      I took your survey & hope you might do the same for me in the future. I wish you all the best in your product launch.

      As far as the Facebook announcement, I think it's GREAT news!!! Ed, Your posts are really powerful & informative sooooo a BIG thank you to you!

      • maraegan

        Hey just purchased the RSS Bomber as recommended by Dan, it will save me so much time.
        DianiaLee, Thank you so much for completing my survey, will certainly do the same for you. Are you a full time internet marketer? Would love further discussion with you.

  14. jonporter2

    Wow, Ed. Lots of possibilities here. I didn't hear about this anywhere else. Thanks for letting us know!

  15. leighkostiainen

    I posted this to the Promote My Fan Page members at 6am; ” Holly cow! Facebook global domination is beginning … it makes me nervous and excited all at the same time … You may have already noticed the “Connect with your friends on your favourite website” notice from Facebook on you profile this morning. I guess the question is who will be the first to own the worlds information? Facebook or Google”

    Exciting as a marketer … scary as a sci fi fan – where the machine knows you so well.

  16. internetstreetfighter

    Excellent find and well written. Retweet is in order here.

  17. Scoble sent me over from a tweet…

    I pretty much agree: amazing for marketing.

    On the other hand, it's yet another platform I need to master, and one I am not naturally inclined to enjoy actually using.

  18. Trevor Jenson

    I must be a bit dim. I don't understand what is so important about my friends getting notified about what movies I like. Where is the Marketing advantage exactly?

  19. No wonder google is looking over their shoulder, when it come to their biggest competition with PPC. It will be interesting to see how google reacts to this news and how they try to counteract it. Once again Ed Awesome content thanks for the heads up.
    Cheers Adam Bean

  20. Nope, didn't miss it and you're not the only one happy about the announcement. I've seen this coming from Facebook for a while and absolutely can't wait to take advantage of it! :)

  21. alejandroreyes

    This is big stuff Ed! Facebook is owning the internet man.

    I'm hoping you talk about this stuff at the event next month. Looking forward to meeting up.

  22. terry56


    Also Scribd has started using the new “sharing toolkit” check out my blog post http://www.vcwebmarketing.com/3123/scribd-utili

  23. This is REALLY significant … thanks Ed. Facebook advertising is already a far better value than Adwords … this is going to totally redefine target marketing and everyone should see a nice improvement on ROI… Google should be scared … VERY scared ….

  24. erikc

    I can see the implications of the marketing angle. But as a user I really wish I could dislike something and never see it again. Case in point, “Mafia Wars” ads. If this is PPC, then the advertiser has wasted nothing, but if I were not into marketing I would seriously consider dropping FB altogether. And I am hearing a lot of other people saying that too.

    • Natalie

      As a user, you can dislike ads on FB by clicking on the x to the right of the ad and telling FB why you don't want to see it anymore.

      • erikc

        I've done that numerous times, using every reason in the drop down that there is…and I still get them. I wish they would tell us what they do with that info (the dislike reasons), because they still keep showing me that ad. But thanks for the suggestion.

    • JP

      If you use Firefox or Flock there are a number of add-ons that take away the ads on FB.


      • erikc

        Thanks, I'll check that out.

  25. Mr Dale sir thanks for alerting us to this!

    I was just thinking I should start FB ads…

  26. larrywilliams

    Thanks Ed…..This new Crowd Converson product of robert grant is killer on Facebbok Fan Pages and Advertising.

    What up with the .co/ interested. Only you could come up with crap like that .co/

  27. larrywilliams

    Ed…google knows about us (you) too well :)

  28. Thanks for posting this Ed. I think you're right on. This will be helpful to many marketers who know how to take advantage.

  29. Thanks, Ed! Good to take note of this. Heading off to Facebook to check it out…

  30. I really like this idea of liking say Hurt Locker on one website, and it being published to facebook but is it going to be carried onto say amazon if I liked it on IMDB? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  31. Steve

    Anything that will cause Google to pop out in a sweat is a good thing… They're getting WAY too comfortable at the top of the contextual advertising heap… There's no 'Quality Score' in the world that will tell you what movie the searcher just watched or the new shoes they “scored” at the mall earlier that day.

  32. gligoran

    So when is this actually start working? Because, I went and liked Soul Kitchen (a great movie a saw yesterday), but it doesn't show up in my profile. I does show up on my wall though…

  33. Peter Pedantic


    It's “sheer” Ed.


  34. I was already hooked about the possibilities fb ads gives us. This announcement couldn't have been better timed… definitely an interesting opportunity!

    Thanks Ed.

  35. Rob

    Ya Ya all fine and dandy but I see this as a double edge sword. As a marketer and having this data to better target your ads is great but its also beacon all over again. For the unknowing average internet user all there liking is throwing all of themselves out the the world. The internet is just getting too transparent. Hell you might as well just start a blog and just tell everyone what you plan to get them for a gift or that you have a pimple on your ass. Point being, you need to monitor yourself who see what in your profiles or that pimple is going to be broadcast to the world.

    PS. Ed didn't even mention whats changing with Fan Pages and how Facebook is making changes there too.
    Community Pages? Take some time and go now to Facebook and get up to speed. Its to your benefit

  36. mcclure

    It would be really cool if I could log i n to my FB advertiser page completely without errors,

    FB is more expensive than other ways(yes huge demographic market) but if they can't get my login data right..

    Plus just because i update my profile , why should I think a couple of million others would? Especially for the cost per click/ad

    I agree it is a huge opportunity, but they have not figured out how to provide advertisers with reliable tracking results. Find an old cobalt guy or something . Departmentalize or something.

  37. Funny how something so simple can be such a big game changer.

  38. Interesting thoughts Ed, thank you for highlighting this.

    Do you have loyalty cards? In the Uk we have loyalty cards for the supermarket and people pick up unclaimed receipts for the points, then they get bombarded with offers “targeted” at them when all they did was pick up a receipt.

    The data can have flaws.

    When people / businesses set up fan pages they invite all their friends who join up to help/support and not always because they have an interest in something. If someone has a lot of friends, that's a big swerve.

  39. SJ08

    I regularly update my data page. I have mixed feelings on the targetted adverts front. On one hand I have a business, and books to promote. On the other hand, I tend to ignore advertising, and have been known to actively seek a rival product if a particular advert becomes to pushed at me.

  40. andrewkoblick

    Not a facebook addict by any means but I did stumble upon the like button today.
    So I hit the like button then I wrote on the wall with a link and I think I got a few hits.

  41. ChrisMilton

    Hey Ed, great post!

    This whole thing of blending demographics with up to date online activity is going on all over the internet and is seen by some as a serious invasion of privacy … much the same as having marketeers able to listen in to and record all conversations in public places. Wouldn't want the government doing that, so why ad me?

    A case has been brought against Google, eBay et.al. to the Federal Trade Commission and is gaining widespread international support. Read more here: http://www.sidewaysnews.com/society-business/go


    (PS, disqus here won't let me post via my twitter ID .. boo hoo)

  42. I'd missed this, I can't be a “natural-born marketer”!!
    Thanks Ed.
    I've always been wary of Facebook as they just seem such a powerful data collection agency that with my Army background of the Cold War I just couldn't see them as anything but a potentially “Evil Baddie”….
    How pleasant to find that there could be a Marketing Angle that might make all that data useful to ME.

  43. swissseb

    Gr8 news! This is the way marketing should be .. close to the people and their “stories”. Would mind giving the link to the original presentation?

  44. I must be missing something as my likes are not showing in my profile info but are listed on my wall?

    • It hasn't been implemented yet – it was just announced yesterday.

      • Brigitte

        Aaah, I see many thanks :)

  45. Hi Ed – by gum lad your all over the place with this post – I've read it a couple of times – I'm still not sure what your on? (eeerrr Marketers Juice?)- or what your actually on about – can you explain in a more serious manner what your post is actually advising one to do? – Dooohhh can you guess I didn't get your point! but I will update my profile etc etc – huh!

  46. Hi Ed – wow man your all over the place with this post – it took me a few reads to half understand what your on about here – I take it its advertising on Facebook instead of the Google Adwords huh? – well the more I use Facebook the more I'm convinced most folks just pump out what's happening in their worlds and ain't really looking or bothered about what others are Face~booking about? – I do my bit and comment on a few posts that interest me – but all in all I think its a virtual world of *look at me and mine pushers* suppose that's the trouble being an apprentice marketer – you tend to end up with information overload -

  47. What about 30DC? You recently wrote in a mail that there will not be a 30DC this summer. Will you be taking it to a next level, like having a continuous program or so?

  48. Paul

    How did you get a .co domain alread??? :-)

  49. Wow, Ed!!! Thanks for bringing the awesome once again! This post has given me tons of ideas – I love the way you think!

    Heidi Klum is missing out ;-)

  50. Hey Ed, thanks for the information, this is a truly interesting opportunity

  51. sallycev

    Yes, Ed
    I did find it thought provoking indeed! I have tried to keep my personal FB account just that, personal. However I'm thinking I should start a separate one for my IM biz. Looks like I had better get on it.

    I have not done any marketing/advertising on FB yet but hope that as mentioned below people can have the option to X it out and not continue to get the same annoying ads over and over! Not good for the viewer or the advertiser.

    I do think it has its place though, especially if it is super targeted.

    Have a great one.

  52. Facebook is quickly coming into its own. I knew about their rising power but have been a bit lazy on moving to action. I better get on it. Thanks for the tip.

  53. Ed this is the reason why Google openly said the only company it FEARS is Facebook.

    Some of Facebook type their like as a rambling line of text, If the user uses commas between each item they are picked up as key phrases. So the market is wide open Facebook hold the best demographics imaginable!

  54. Don

    Unfortunately, this means I will probably stop interacting with Facebook. I “like” people's comments and I previously would fan a friends page, but now I will be thinking twice about interacting because it will be reflected on my “permanent record” as it were.

    I don't want to be targeted based on something I did on a whim.

    So, my natural reaction will be to stop affirming things unless I am passionate about them.

  55. Interesting. My mind is spinning and I am not sure what direction it will stop in. Have to think about this one! Thanks.


  56. Thanks for the informative post – I'll b keeping a closer eye on all the happenings over at Facebook and guess I'll finally implement the advertising plan on FB rather than Google.

  57. alexchan338

    Facebook has way more revenue streams than what google has. FB with apps eventually will take over Google, when every businesses come up with their own business app, and rely less on big G's ppc. This is only one of many FB's weapons, as FB has many other deadly weapons. G wont die off, but FB will definitely take over relatively soon.

  58. There's another twist. Those things that you “like” that are in your profile. Well those are no longer just words. Facebook changes them automatically to memberships in FAN PAGES… without your knowledge or permission… and those fan pages get access to all your data… just like the friends you actually chose.

  59. I wanted to “like” this with facebook, but I did not see the button.

    The irony in your P.S. statement made me chuckle… only a little bit ;)

    good article, though.

  60. Let me play the crusty old curmudgeon here…

    Question: How do you know when a strategy enters the decay phase of its life cycle?
    Answer: When the ebooks, videos and home study courses promoting it appear. (The authors have already mined the main lode or seam. Now they're selling you the tools to fossick in the tailings dumps.)

    So now, having turned Twitter into indecipherable clutter, drowning in automated tweets and retweets, we're about to do the same to Facebook? Ah… but how will FB accommodate all those clamoring advertisers? The screen share is strictly limited — or will that ad space increase exponentially? Even so, it's limited. Where Google at least has every SERP and content network page on which to place ads, Facebook has… well… Facebook. And Facebook pages are already producing two predictable developments:

    1. Ad blindness.

    2. Disabling of ads by users.

    What normally happens to scarce real estate?

    Can anyone say p-r-i-c-e-h-i-k-e-c-o-m-i-n-g-v-e-r-y-s-o-o-n?

    Or space/demographic slot auctions?

    Or will the regular consumers suddenly drown, or by swept away, by all that Internet marketer drooool?

    Food for thought.

  61. bobberwyn

    Too many caps, otherwise would retweet.

  62. bobberwyn

    Too many caps, I feel like you're getting in my face(book) :)

  63. Ed – First of all “Seal” is looking you up and on his way to defend Hedi's honor… nice know'n ya!

    To the business at hand – WOW! This is brilliant and has massive implications for the marketers who get this… I do! Facebook has made a couple of significant moves this week, there have no doubt been some late nights on campus and more is to come. Well, competition is a good thing – right?

    So the stage is set for the battle over the Internet and the clear favorites Google and Facebook have taken off the gloves and the good news is as marketers, we will surely benefit and as ethical marketers, so will our customers. Love it!


  64. Wow, I've heard of the new like feature, but never gave it a second thought. Brilliant!

    Ana Hoffman/YourNetBiz

  65. I might be a bit dim here, but this isn't working for me.

    I went to the IMDB and “liked” the film “It's a Wonderful Life.” An entry now shows up in my Wall saying “Michael likes It's a Wonderful Life (1946) on IMDb.” However, the Likes and Interests section (specifically Movies) did not update in my Profile. If I'm understanding you correctly, that's what is supposed to happen automagically, right?

    Am I doing something wrong?

  66. Brilliant! Mind blowing! Game changing! Thanks for grabbing my brain and giving it a good shake just now, Ed – I needed it! And thanks for posting sheer awesomeness.

    …jp moses

  67. drmichaelhaley

    Sounds great and all, but my experience with facebook advertising is my number of clicks and costs associated with them went from many impressions with no clicks to about the same impressions with a lot more clicks – but zero conversions. What have they done to drive up the clicks to increase their profits? BTW, in this case, I was not too interested in clicks anyway, as much as name recognition.

  68. Gail

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. From what I've read, facebook is planning to roll out the LIKE button across the web, so not only will it be tracking the pages you Like inside of Facebook, but web pages outside of the FB site.

    The other big Facebook announcement the other day is how they're going to automatically link your profile information to their new Community Pages function they just made live.

  69. kazimierz

    Yes… this is one perspective as well as Facebook has just added the “I” to FB to make FBI – http://bit.ly/clXI66

  70. Ed-

    So appreciate the passion with which you delivered this post, almost as great as your first date with the iPad! It is exciting times we live in. With the animosity toward Google's adwords, (not to mention it's complexity), this is a great time to provide advertisers an alternative.

    That said, how do you think Google will respond? A fresh announcement about personalized or social search? Other ideas?

  71. Sounds great. Now all we have to do is learn how to do advertising with Facebook. It is very different from Googls Ads.

  72. yhurg

    Thanks for the informative explanation Ed. I had not considered this information being used all this time to target ads.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is relatively small news. There isn't much new about the practice and clearly Facebook has been doing it. They are only enhancing the product.

  73. Ed you do make learning FUN! : )

  74. steveosullivan

    Hey Ed, Hedi Klum and marketing nirvana in one post, just awesome(ness). I did see this feature but didn't get the implications until you pointed them out here. I can always count on you! Thanks.

  75. I like it, I will miss people being fans but if this works better for marketers then I will learn to “like” it.

  76. Nice, Ed. This sounds incredibly smart on behalf of FB, and perhaps also incrediby similar to a lot of FB “under the radar privacy invasions” that we've seen previously.

    Anyone who considers facebook to hold “private” information is an idiot.

    Still, good for marketers, like you say :)

  77. johnarleth

    Just in case anybody reads this, what is the line of code and how do I insert it?

  78. johnarleth

    What is the line of code and how do I install it?

  79. I love Facebook …maybe not as much as Heidi Klum but near enough

  80. aempirei


  81. Johnny

    The video don't work, it doesn't play.

  82. Ron

    On the marketing side this awesome to have such information, but Facebook adding what I like to MY PROFILE is BS. Say I need a new monitor, I find one and buy it. I then like it to let my friends know I like it. Done. End of story? No. Now I start getting a bunch of ads for monitors because Facebook added it to my profile. It WAS A ONE TIME SHOT. I don't need any more monitors and I don't need it added to my profile. Thats the FAIL.

    • I agree that would suck…. but it would be dumb marketing and it won't work like that .

      Each page on your site has a series of meta tags – an individual sale would not be adds to your profile – but perhaps the brand would be.

      The type of monitor you bought does say quiet a bit about you – was it a cheap dell, a top of the line Apple twenty four inch…. Each tells a story.

      Sent from my Awesome iPad

      • Ron

        Agreed that maybe the type of (in this example monitor) may say something about me, but my point is If I click the “Like” button to let my friends know I liked it does not mean I have an ongoing interest in monitors or even more computer stuff or the brand. It was a one time share with my friends and facebook should not take it upon themselves to add it to my profile as if I have a passion or interest in it/that. A persons profile is something that only that individual should have rights to manage.

        • And I suppose the good news is you do have complete control over that.

          • Ron

            Sadly enough no. Just as many things in our lives are now decided for us whether we like it or not.
            Doesn't mean I have bury my head in the sand though and agree with it and I would only assume you have issues at times along the same lines. So we get up, put on our pants, and play our cards each day to make it work. Facebook just another one of those entities of power making our decisions and we each will have to deal with it. Guru Bob says it best … It is what it is ;)

  83. Gail

    It does suck for consumers who will have their demographics and interests squeezed out of them and sold to the highest bidder whether they like it or not, but good for online marketers. But remember, Facebook is free (in a monetary sense) and you're paying for all of that functionality you get with your treasured profile information.

    Many Facebook users won't even realize what's going on, and many of the ones who do, will be pissed and feel taken advantage of.

    It might be a good idea if Facebook would crunch some numbers and come up with a reasonable monthly subscription amount that would allow a user's profile data to NOT be included in their advertising database. So, if you want, you can opt-out of the advertising database and still be allowed to use the Facebook service, or, you can choose to continue to use the free Facebook service, but you'll pay for it with your profile data being anonymously offered up to advertisers.

  84. Ed, in this article, towards the end it says

    “Another potential side effect: The web you see is the web your friends like.

    Without some effort, you might end up browsing based on your friends preferences, rather than exploring new territory. Your activity can influence them, too.”

    Huge implications! I'm hoping to see more on this ::hint hint:: :)


    article: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/04/21/facebook

  85. Ed, as usual…useful and valuable information. Where is the “code?”
    Great webinar John Reese last night.

  86. Like everything else, FB gets you hooked up with old/new friends and let's you 'free' promote your biz, then it's bona be PAY UP time! Who is going to have the moxie to let all those contacts we have so painstakingly built disolve into oblivion? HERE

  87. Dale not sure how many have missed this I know we haven't. In the end this is just a lot of nonsensical behavioral demographic data you can't rely on until you have built a model to make sense of it all.

    A lot of good points made in here about how long this behavioral data remains relevant. Anyone's guess, and that is what it is a guess. Behavioral data tends to be very time sensitive, and what I like today I may not like tomorrow.

    Like is a very general thing, case in point overall I like this post there are some things about it I don't. To string together an accurate behavioral demographic based on ONE word “Like” you are going to need a big statistics engine and a whole lot a “Like's” on me.

    Which brings me to another point, Really how often and what percentage of the Facebook commuinty clicks “Like”. I haven't seen any stats on that so it is hard to say if there is a large enough body of the community to make this even a viable means of targeting.

    In the end… another attempt by Facebook to leverage information about thier community when they should be focused on how they can empower their community and help marketers leverage that empowerment instead of vague targeting.

    Just my thoughts

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