Twitter Lists – Twitter’s Best Kept Secret –

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For too long, the greatest feature of Twitter has been completely hidden from most people. Implementing this strategy will change the way you think about Twitter. Creating a Twitter list for your market is one of the most useful market research tools you have.

A Twitter list looks just like your normal Twitter feed – except its completlly seperate. You can use it to keep your personal feed free from work stuff. I like to follow all the players on the teams I support so I use a Twitter list to make it way more managible.

As you’ll discover this is the tip of the Iceburg. I’ll show you some cool stuff it this report.

When you combine your Twitter list with an awesome tool like Flipboard. You’ll never be surprised by your market again. You’ll easily be the most informed influencer in your market.

I actually create and manage my Twitter lists on my iPad and iPhone using an application called Tweetbot.

Because this strategy is so important, and to make sure everyone can use it, I have shown you how to create a Twitter list from the main Twitter website.

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