This Is Uncomfortable…

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Hi Gang,

This is going to be weird, and for me, slightly uncomfortable.

I'm currently reading a book about a concept called Unique Ability. It's based on the idea everyone has a unique set of talents, interests, and capabilities they are passionate about.

I'm trying to find out what mine is. I was wondering if you could think about this question and pop your answer in the comments:

“What do you see as my unique ability?”

My unique ability includes my talents and abilities, characteristics the descried me, what I'm good at, how I do things, what you count on me for, and any other distinguishing features you see about who I am.

It would really help me out if you pop your thoughts in the comments below. If you see a comment you agree with, please like the comment.

I occasionally ask you to do and assignments that take you out of your comfort zone.

I need to make sure I do things that are uncomfortable for me!

Thanks heaps,