Run Into The Spike

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Have you listened to the Top 25 Hip Hop songs on Spotify?

I can’t understand half of what they are “Rapping” about and the other half makes me fear for humanity.

I’m getting old. Get off my lawn!


In my attempt to get “jiggy” with the kids lingo I discovered this cool site called Rap Genius (now just called Genius) which crowdsources the translation of “the Rap” so you can understand the other 50% of what they are talking about.

Learning what the other 50% said made me even more fearful for our society.

But that’s not why I am writing this.

Turns out, Genius just received 15 million dollars from Andressen Horowitz – Sillicon Valleys leading VC firm and while I was reading up on the site – I came across this…

Genius Quote

I’ve been obsessed with this phrase ever since.

Think about this…

Every time you are faced with a choice about something you need to do – ask yourself – “Which choice is Running into the spike

  • Watch TV or write this blog post?
  • Play Destiny or write this blog post?
  • Read a book or Write this blog post?
  • Go on a massive cocaine binge or write this blog post?

If you apply the Running into the spike filter the answer is obvious.

Do this thought experiment, how much better a human being would you be if every time you had the choice between two courses of action, You always choose to Run into the spike.

What if for the next two days you take the Run into the spike option?

All of a sudden decision making gets really easy.

Difficult conversation or Dancing – Run into the spike
Gym or read a good book – Run into the spike
Set up Analytics or Watch a traffic video – Run into the spike

“Running into the spike” is a very individual and personal question. The thing is, you’ll immediately know the answer.

For example, if your a personal trainer, reading “Lean Anlytics” maybe running into the spike.

For me, the answer would be the gym.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Running into the spike into the comments section and while you're typing, I’m going to get “My Rap” on with my “homies” listening to Amy Grant's new rap album



PS Have you ever tried this? If you do try it for a day or two, let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

A Tale Of Two Families

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It was a stinking hot day in Launceston, Tasmania. Larry and I were visiting “Team Frost“ (ironically, while the rest of my family was watching “Frozen”).

I had known the Frosts for years, but this lunch would be different. They were packing everything up, leaving Tasmania and for the foreseeable future travelling the world with their three kids.

Can you imagine doing that!

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