Using Amazon Magazines For Market Research

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Mine the wealth of information available hidden in Amazons magazine subscriptions – A step-by-step guide

Let’s use to help us with market research

It’s amazing what information you can find on Amazon to help you with your niche research. You just need to know where to look.

Let me show you.


Select "Magazine Subscriptions"

We can use the magazine subscriptions in Amazon to help us research our market.

Search With Your Market Keyword

Now we have selected magazine subscriptions, type in your markets key phrase in the search box. For this example we are going to use golf.


Let’s Look At The Magazines!

The number of magazines in a market is a very healthy indicator of its strength. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of golf magazines. Amazon helpfully highlights the number of magazines in the left-hand column, as I’ve highlighted in this picture.

I’m also very interested in the number of reviews. Reviews, are an incredible resource for your market research.

By reading reviews, you’ll get a feel for what people like and dislike about a particular market. You’ll also see how they think that particular magazine is addressing their needs.

Let Amazon Help You!

On the top right-hand corner of any search page you’ll notice a drop-down menu which allows you to sort the listings using various categories. The default category is usually relevance.

New and popular gives us an idea of the biggest magazines in the market.

Average customer review is even more interesting to me, to see which magazines readers really care enough about to do a review on.

THe Hidden Value Of Reviews!

Let’s check out the reviews for golf tips magazine. Reviews are a goldmine of information.

Revealing Reviews

Let’s look at all the information that is buried in reviews if you know where to look.

The first thing you want to do is read the best and worst reviews.

The worst reviews, most of the time, are not because the product itself is bad, rather, they have had a poor customer experience. This happens to the best of products and you need to keep that in mind.

(If there are a ton of one star reviews, you really need to look harder, it may be a bad product!)

Looks at the features that they are focusing on. Priceless information. But wait! There’s more!

Reviews give you terminology and lingo of your market.

In the first review I can see the phrase "casual duffer" – if you know your golf, you understand what this means. Having a look at this type of terminology is really useful because when we come to creating products and writing sales letters this type of shared laungage is gold.

When you use the slang of your market, you are showing you’re an insider.

Reviews on Amazon are a great place to pick this up.

Google The Magazine Title

Our next step in the process is to use Google to search for the magazine title. Just like I’ve done here for Golf Tips Magazine.

Right now I’m not so interested in the website itself, rather, the demographic and audit figures for the magazine as well as the advertising rates.

Scroll To The Bottom Of The Website!

The information we are looking for is usually found at the bottom of the website. It will be something like "media kit" or "Rate Card"

Media Kit |

Now we are talking let’s look at "Golf Tips" media kit.

Audience |

Established magazines do a lot of research and surveys of there mailing list and readership. They need these so they can encourage people to advertise.

This demographic information is fantastic for when you think about advertising using Facebook and Google.

I could create a cost per click campaign on Facebook based on this demographic information. It’s very powerful. Thanks Golf Tips!

What is the Sports magazine, Golf Tips’s circulation?

When you see a nice round circulation number like 2,000,000 readers/viewers. It pays to do some confirmation, I did a quick search for "Golf Tips Magazine circulation" and got a different (and more realistic) figure! ;-)

Digital Rates |

I decided to have a look at the Digital rights as I would be interested in doing a MagCast in this niche.

I find it fascinating they still break out different rates for for colour and black-and-white advertising. In digital magazines it makes no difference!

You can see either a full page placed for just the one time attracts an advertising rate of $14,075.

If you had a magazine with a publication circulation of 15,000 it would be fair to suggest that you could charge around $1400 for a full page.

Way back in my distant past, I used to sell advertising for a local newspaper. One thing I learned about rate cards is they are very much a guide only! People would pay only 50% of the rights  you are seeing here.

Still, it’s nice to know a magazine in this niche is making this sort of money but that saw circulation.

All Done!

You can see how, with just a little bit of research, there is a stack of information to be found on your niche from studying magazines in Amazons marketplace. Use this guide and have a try yourself. I’m sure you’ll be fascinated with the results.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think…

How To Plan Your Next Product

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think…

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— Full Transcript —

Hey everybody, just a quick video.

We are preparing for the challenge and it reminded me about something that I’ve been wanting to put on the blog for a while.

By the way, we are in deep preparation for the next Challenge, and if you haven’t signed up yet, please go to and sign up. Because We don’t want to annoy anybody who is not interested in doing The Challenge this year, so if you do want to get the notifications about what’s going on and when it’s happening and all that sort of stuff, you will need to register, even if you’ve registered in the past, because we want to make sure that everybody gets that information.


Anyhoo, it got me thinking about probably one of the best bits of advice I’ve received in the last couple of years, and it has to do with good old pen and paper.

Now, with planning and thinking we waste so much time if you will planning and thinking in our heads.

It’s not a good place to do any sort of thinking!

“Hang on Ed, that sounds really weird that’s exactly what your brain does.”

It does do that, but it does it in a weird way. It continually loops, particularly negative thoughts.

We’ve all probably experienced this. I know I have. Where you get into this negative loop and you think “Ah, that’s not going to work because of this and this and this.”

Your brain is very good at coming up with negatives.

It has to because that’s the way you don’t get eaten by the sabre tooth tigers. But, The best bit of advice that I got was from a book which pointed out that when you’re doing your thinking, you should be thinking on paper.

So Planning and thinking on paper. It is so much more constructive, it engages different parts of your brain and I’d really encourage you to try it.

In fact there is a great book called “Accidental Genius” which is all about this and I’ll put a link under the video here if you want to get access to it. It’s a great read, but let me give you the key points. You can start doing this right away.

So there are three key rules when it comes to doing thinking on paper…

The first one is to remember this is just for you.

Nobody is going to see this, put it in a journal or whatever you want. This is not for public consumption, ok? And therefore, you’ve got to give yourself permission to be rubbish. That what you write may be crazy. So no stress

The second rule if you will is you never take your pen from paper, you continuously write.

I remember watching Gary Halbert write sales letters. And you think, wow that is an interesting occupation, just sitting there looking at somebody writting something on paper… and he always used pen and paper.

But the most interesting thing about it is that I noticed that he worked with a timer which is our thrid rule (we are going to come back to that). But the thing that I noted most was that he never stopped writing! He would always continue to write. And if you watch professional writers none of them ever stop.

Us amateur writers on the other hand we stop all the time. We think “How many iPads are there in existence?” and instead of just writing like the professional writers do “TKTKTKTK” which stands for “To Come, to come,…” as Neil Strauss does it, or make something up and check it in editing later, we go off to the internet to check out that fact. And guess what, before you know it, within two minutes you’re watching the latest dog surfing videos on YouTube.

We’ve all been there right?

So, second rule is to never to stop.

And the third rule, we already mentioned it, is use a timer. Every smartphone on the planet has a timer application now.

Use it!

Why? Why does a timer work? Why is it so important?

Well to answer that, I can give you a very practical example and I call it the MasterChef principle. Now I don’t know if you’ve watched masterchef in the UK or, it is pretty much around the world now, it’s been a bit of a phenomena. I think Gordon Ramsay is on it in the US and it’s a fantastic show. Love it. And a lot of cooking shows, Top chef is another one that does exactly the same thing. You’ll find a lot of contestants or “cheftestants” as they say, get this challenge where they lift up a box or mystery box or whatever it happens to be and they got x minutes. 10 minutes, 30 minutes to create a dish out of that box.

And there must have been thousands and thousands of these “mystery box” challenges on MasterChef over the years. And you know what, I can count on one hand the number of times a cheftestant hasn’t plated up as they say, in other words, presented a dish.

Now the dish may have been horrible, no question about it, but they always present something.


Well can you imagine if you have nothing to say or nothing to deliver for judging?

This constraint is actually, believe it or not, a key to creativity and coming up with great ideas and great stuff.

Creativity thrives on constraints, and setting a timer is one of the best constraints you can give yourself. It is the constraint of time.

See, the biggest problem believe it or not, and you may think I’m crazy for saying this at the moment. The biggest problem that most of us, is that we got no constraints.

You know, We’ve got access to everything on the internet now. we can do so many things. That’s a problem. Because of the lack of constraints, we don’t have that creativity. We don’t have that ability to focus and use the power of constraint to create something. Because that exists in every creative endeavour.

But for the purposes of today when it comes to thinking on paper, by setting a timer, you are giving yourself a fantastic constraint, so start off with just two minutes and maybe extend to 10 minutes later on.

You can’t do it for more than about, well the longest I’ve ever heard is 50 minutes but that’s tough. Start off with two minutes and see how you go.

You’ll be amazed. It never ceases to amaze me how this exercise works. And it is something we’ll be doing a lot of in the coming Challenge. Because every successful business person that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, one of the absolute commonalities is their ability to plan on pen and paper, because it’s efficient planning. You don’t go into loops. When you are writing like this, you don’t go into loops.

One final tip…

What happens if you run out of stuff to say?

Well guess what, you keep your pen moving and you literally write “I’ve run out of things to say. Boy I hate ed dale. Why did he even teach me this stupid thing? What can I write about topic”. You keep writing, ok?

Guess what happens. Your brain goes, “Oh hang on a second, they’re serious about this, they are actually serious. I better come up with something because I don’t like feeling stupid.”

And that’s what happens.

So I encourage you to do that, we’re going to use this technique a lot in the upcoming Challenge.

Remember to sign up!

A couple of the books that I’ve mentioned that I really love. They are below for links, make sure you click that as well as a link to The Challenge is there as well.

If you like what you’ve seen, I’d love it if you’d like & share. All that cool stuff.

Would really, really appreciate it if you did it because it helps spread the word.

Very much appreciated.

Alright, Have a great week and we’ll speak soon.

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This next Challenge will be totally new and for the first time in many years, it’s just going to be you and me.

The idea for the Challenge came to me in May of 2005. I was having coffee at the Starbucks on the mezzanine level of Trump Tower. There were decorations everywhere for the second series wrap up of “The Apprentice” which happened the night before.

I was reading a book about National Novel Writers Month (NaNoWriMo). Where bunch of crazy people sit down each November to create a novel in just 30 days! I thought it would be really cool if we could teach people how to start an online business in just 30 days…

At the time, most courses being sold online where “How to make money by selling my course you are reading now to other people”.

What if I could show people how to start their business AND do it for free.

The Challenge was born.

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Why Has Facebook Become The Number 1 Traffic Source Out Of Nowhere?

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In this Interview, Laura Betterly shows me the techniques she uses to produce Facebook campaigns for the biggest names in Online Market.

She should be called “The Weapon

In this Interview we cover:

  1. The crucial free research you can do to figure out who to approach your market on Facebook
  2. How to turn this research into a list  and people who buy
  3. Why Facebook has become the number one source of paid traffic
  4. Why you should (and how) you should only ever spend $50 on testing your Facebook campaign.
  5. For App developers and MagCasters, the sick new strategy for building a list and getting bigger in-app purchases
  6. and Much More (I’m obligated to put that!!)

If you love what you see in this video, you’ll love her new course with Andy and Mike on how to create these campaigns where you are getting the right people for your list.

Click this link for all the details: TrafficGenesis

I love this course so much I’m offering two 1-1 consulting sessions with me as a bonus if you end up deciding to get the course this week. Just email me the receipt to

Enjoy the interview!