I’m Going To Stream Myself…

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If you told me five years ago millions and millions of people would be watching people playing games online I would have been surprised.

For the past three years I’ve been immersed in the world of digital publishing and mobile. I’ve also spent the last year thinking deeply about why people want an online business.

Then, to make things interesting, I’ve been looking at ways to make the 10th year of The Challenge really special.

I wanted to look at everything, what’s working now, how have things changed.

I’ve been running secret two day beta workshops testing my new theories (to those who have been participating, thank you!)

What about these Game Streamers and what have they got to do with me?

Let’s go back to the game streaming thing…

The whole youtube streaming thing has been a revelation to me. In the three years I’ve been focused on MagCast. A whole ecosystem around making a living on YouTube has exploded.

I pride myself on understanding “GameChangers” and bringing them to you. With this streaming stuff, I got caught with my pants down.

Speaking of dacks down…

ML = CxCn

How do you become a market influencer. One of those vital top 20 people in your market.


Market Leadership = Content x Consistency

I came up with this. Shame I have not been doing it.

I’m calling myself out in this post.

But that’s not all, Two other things happened.

I have a point, I promise…

Mail Flood

I’ve been using sanebox to filter my mailbox for the last couple of years. It’s a brilliant idea and really effective.

Trouble is it also blinded me to what was going on in my market.

This week I had to change my mail password and sanebox stopped working. I woke up to a mail flood…

Instead of fixing the sandbox log-in I thought I would drink from the email firehose and see what I’d been missing.

Fark Me.

Apart from every shop I’ve bought from in the last decade (which I didn’t mind – easy unsubscribes) I got the full force of Internet Marketing emails.

Fark Me Sideways!

It was a genuinely unpleasant experience. It was all, buy this, buy that, but there was something worse.

I’m no better.

10 Years of The Challenge

If there is one good thing I’ve done it’s the Challenge. I know for a fact it’s changed lives. If I couldn’t do this anymore I know at least I’ve helped some people.

This year I want to do something really special. Reexamine everything and use all of the new strategies and exponential technologies available to us today (Hence the fascination with streaming!)

For the first time, I’ve been even prototyping these techniques in the wild in secret two day workshops in Australia.

The difference with how you go about creating an online business in 2015 is profound.

As much as CrowdFunding, Gamification, Mobile, 3D-Printing, Outsourcing and tribe building tech has changed. The most profound change is you.

The biggest game changer of all is realising you have a unique way of doing things. The science behind this has grown enormously over the past couple of years.

Willpower, Time, Mindfulness and your workstyle have a dramatic effect on your ability to start a business.

Actually let me rephrase, it dramatically changes HOW you start your business.

There has never been a better time for you to have your own business but after working with over 300,000 business starters in the past decade.

HOW you start your business is the most crucial thing.

This is want I want to explore with my new live streaming show… (phew, got to the point in the end!)

Super Soft launch

I’m not emailing anyone about this. I’m making this long post and I’ll let people know about it on social media. That’s it. I want to get the format right. I want to put it on the record here to shame myself into to showing up and doing the stream each week.

Interviewing Interesting People

Each week I’ll be interviewing an interesting person. It could be an online marketer or author but I’m really excited to be speaking with people just like you. People who have created a Nichestyle business that earns them enough to do what they love full time. These are not going to be normal interviews… I want to explore the “HOWS”. To understand how they got where they are…

What are their rituals?

What are the things they do every day religiously. This is fascinating to me. My bet is you’ll be interested too…

What are the key metrics?

Want to know how I can quickly understand how serious someone is about their online business? Simple. Ask them “What’s the key thing you measure in your business (or life). The serious ones have an answer, the hobbiest doesn’t.

Where do they spend there time and money?

If you want to understand someone, study their actions, where do they spend their time, where do they spend their money.

Take my own medicine

It’s time to take my own medicine, time to give you the best information I can and get you involved to make Challenge 10 the best challenge ever.

The Rules

For this to work there has is one rule.

Same time every week for the live stream

For now until the foreseeable future – the live stream will go for an hour – every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern USA time (Thursday at 10am East Coast Australia)

I’ll update this article with the link and I’ll also tweet and put it up on my Facebook Page.


We will be streaming live using youtube live. You’ll be able to watch the live show in replay at my Youtube Channel. The audio version will be available in Podcast form in all the usual places.


If you’ve read this far double thank you. You are someone who has been on this wild journey with me for a long time. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and sharing cool stuff and people I find.


P.S. If you have a suggestion for what you would like me to cover, like to be interviewed, suggest someone you would like me to interview, leave a comment below or send me a message on twitter to @EdDale

P.P.S The live stream is where I’ll be sharing the latest information on this years Challenge – The big 10!!!

This Is Uncomfortable…

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Hi Gang,

This is going to be weird, and for me, slightly uncomfortable.

I'm currently reading a book about a concept called Unique Ability. It's based on the idea everyone has a unique set of talents, interests, and capabilities they are passionate about.

I'm trying to find out what mine is. I was wondering if you could think about this question and pop your answer in the comments:

“What do you see as my unique ability?”

My unique ability includes my talents and abilities, characteristics the descried me, what I'm good at, how I do things, what you count on me for, and any other distinguishing features you see about who I am.

It would really help me out if you pop your thoughts in the comments below. If you see a comment you agree with, please like the comment.

I occasionally ask you to do and assignments that take you out of your comfort zone.

I need to make sure I do things that are uncomfortable for me!

Thanks heaps,