Introducing the Game Changer Event (and leaked screenshot)

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Hey Gang

It’s been an exciting week as we are preparing for the huge “Game Changer” special event this Wednesday October 14th at 1PM Eastern USA. This is going to be massive and I can’t wait to share this with you.

The Event will be on this page here:

Today I am going to leak a screenshot from the event, and also release a very interesting case study


I am always in awe at how our group bites on an opportunity and runs wild with it

I love Jason’s story because he is running successful businesses in several “weird niches” and he is neither “the face” nor “the expert”

Weird niches like:

+ Short films (He is now getting invited to The Oscars!)
+ Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Seriously, how niche is That!)
+ and… wait for it…
and I am not kidding here… Pole dance fitness!! (Yep that is a big thing these days)

He proves how anyone can get started without having to be an expert or “the face” of the business

(I love you Jason but hopefully I’ll never get to see you in a “Pole Dance Fitness” tutorial video…:)

Watch Jason’s video Live from Japan


I’ve received plenty of emails, social messages and questions from people trying to guess what we’re revealing on Wednesday. No one has guessed it yet, but we’ll give you another hint right now ;)

With everything that is happening on Mobile and all the changes Apple and Google are making I’ve prepare huge presentation that recaps everything you need to know and what it all means for the Future of your Digital Business.

We want you to be perfectly positioned to take advantage of everything as soon as possible.

On Wednesday I’ll show you how. Here is a quick “leaked” screenshot

I’m coming to the USA next week (I want to do something cool)

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Hi Gang

I’m doing my new two day business planning workshop in San Diego next Thursday and Friday (the 16th and 17th) and I’m in Orlando the following Monday and Tuesday (the 20th and the 21st).

We are full BUT – I wanted to do something cool and make ONE spot available at each workshop.

I’m going to in my “world famous” – Name your price style…


Here’s the deal (and please read and do all of these steps or I’ll have to knock you out of the running.).

  1. Watch this video – yes, participants are paying $1500 to attend this workshop but I know they would like me to give one person this opportunity.

Watch this to see what we are doing in my new Workshop!

  1. Check to see if you can come on the dates (Seriously, check, be 100% sure you can come – check airfares and all that stuff.)
  2. If you have the time and can make it to San Diego/Orlando on those dates. Send me an email to with the following Subject: BID FOR SAN DIEGO (OR ORLANDO).
  3. Make your bid, Make sure it’s an amount you will be able to settle in 48 hours – if you’re the winner I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.


  1. Tell me in a paragraph or two why you would like to come to the workshop and what opportunity you would apply the workshop to. It’s not all about the money, (you need to bid something) but this ONE spot at each workshop is for someone who can apply it.
  2. Seriously, don’t bid if you are not sure you can come and are not able to pay your bid amount with-in 48 hours.

I’m so excited to bring this workshop to the US. I’ve been working on it for ages and I think it will get you started so much faster, or take an existing business and accelerate it.

Follow the steps and I’ll see you in San Diego or Orlando.