Why Has Facebook Become The Number 1 Traffic Source Out Of Nowhere?

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In this Interview, Laura Betterly shows me the techniques she uses to produce Facebook campaigns for the biggest names in Online Market.

She should be called “The Weapon

In this Interview we cover:

  1. The crucial free research you can do to figure out who to approach your market on Facebook
  2. How to turn this research into a list  and people who buy
  3. Why Facebook has become the number one source of paid traffic
  4. Why you should (and how) you should only ever spend $50 on testing your Facebook campaign.
  5. For App developers and MagCasters, the sick new strategy for building a list and getting bigger in-app purchases
  6. and Much More (I’m obligated to put that!!)

If you love what you see in this video, you’ll love her new course with Andy and Mike on how to create these campaigns where you are getting the right people for your list.

Click this link for all the details: TrafficGenesis

I love this course so much I’m offering two 1-1 consulting sessions with me as a bonus if you end up deciding to get the course this week. Just email me the receipt to tedlegend@gmail.com

Enjoy the interview!